Folded Bathroom, 2012

Located in Oakland, CA, the program for this bathroom remodel required adding much needed storage to an existing bungalow. The client’s desire for durability informed the use of 18″ square orange ceramic tiles on the floor, with “leathered” finish black granite wainscot establishing a tactile datum for the wet zone. Atop this, four treatments of  glass were crafted to provide simple and durable surfaces that also offered a horizontal band of reflections folding and unfolding around the room, introducing fragments of the exterior within the interior. The strategy is to make the tiny room feel much larger than it is, without compromising privacy when the window is open. The  visual effect is balanced with a grounded tactility of the stone datum and wooden wall.

General Contractor: Buck O’Neill Builders. Photos: © DigiTed; All Rights Reserved


View into the shower with glass above black "leathered" granite. Adjacent glass faced cabinet is part of the storage wall with the toilet incorporated.

View from the shower with a private reflection of the side yard through the open window.

View from the shower towards the side of the mirrored cabinet and Douglas fir wall, with infilled and exposed framing of the existing house.

View of the Douglas fir wall.

Detail of the mirrored cabinet with towel bar.

Detail of the mirrored cabinet, towel bar and backsplash.

Detail of the shower with back painted glass.

Detail of toilet, cabinet, and the shower door.

Detail of the toilet inset into the cabinetry with an orange tile floor.

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