The Skyroom is a 202 sq.ft. vertical addition to a 850 sq.ft. one story co-housing unit in Oceano, CA. A modest budget dictated a tiny foot print with a strategic and minimally invasive structural plan. The bedroom features a combination “wet room,” with the sink located within the bedroom to save space. Access to the Skyroom is via an exterior stair and gangway over the roof, ascending from the rear of the house, up through the canopy of an avocado orchard. The aluminum gangway leads to a mute northern facade, a ventilating wall clad in perforated sheet aluminum and a solid pivoting door. Once inside, the Pismo Dunes at the horizon to the southwest, can be seen beyond the canopy of trees. Looking through the perforated sheet aluminum veil of the balcony guardrail and the splayed sky blue volume; the space acts on the perspective and perception to make the near seem distant and the distant seem near.
Photos: © Bruce Tomb; All Rights
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Ricceri Semi Final - 48
Up the aluminum stair, out from under the canopy of avocado trees at dusk.
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Looking up from the garden, the perforated aluminum guardrail acts as a veil for views in and out.

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